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New iPhone App Powered by Factual

The cigar blog Stogie Fresh recently developed a nifty iPhone app powered by Factual data. “Doc’s Stogie Rate for iPhone” app allows you to keep track of your cigar collection, rate and log tasting notes, and access detailed information about any cigar of your choosing (size, shape, country of origin, etc.). For all you iPhone-wielding, cigar...

SupportGroups.com Uses Factual to Power Directory

We’re always eager to spotlight a cool implementation of Factual – especially when it empowers a community with better information. Earlier this week, SupportGroups.Com launched a support groups directory powered by Factual data. The directory provides over 12,000 listings on several categories of support groups (Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, Sex Addicts Anonymous), and helps...

Factual API Feeds Applications, Hungry Seafood Lovers

At Factual, we are all about the data, but we also get that data isn’t always best represented in a table or grid – and that sometimes a chart can immediately sum up gobs of underlying facts. We also know that we can’t build every way (or even all that many ways) to interact with our...