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Tyler Bell's and Leo Polovets' Post-Game Interviews from Strata NYC

Last week at Strata NYC Tyler Bell and Leo Polovets gave a talk titled “Dedupe, Merge, and Purge: the Art of Normalization.” They discussed the importance of entity resolution within a business context and the process of canonicalization. After their talk, they were each interviewed by Strata representatives. Leo’s Interview: Tyler’s Interview:

Gil At Data Scientist Summit [Video]

As we blogged about in an earlier post, Gil spoke at the Data Scientist Summit in Las Vegas last month. The one-day event brought together technologists, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and data scientists to share their thinking on big data. A video of Gil’s session,Top Dataset Masters – Major Mashups in Action, was recently posted online. If...

Some New Videos Worth Watching

“Search Beyond Search” @ DLD 11 in Munich, Germany Esther Dyson, EDventures: @edyson Ilya Segalovich, Yandex: @segalovich Mark Drummond, Wowd “Interview with Gil Elbaz with Jason Calacanis” @ ThisWeekIn Startups. Jason Calacanis, Mahalo, @jason