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Gil's Birthday and Brand New T-Shirts

So a certain Factual CEO had a birthday today, and to celebrate we had a little party in the office and sported our brand-new Factual T-shirts. –- The Factual Team

10 Tips for Creating a Great Startup Engineering Culture

Goose: (as Maverick is looking around the room) What are you doing? Maverick: Just wondering who’s the best. Viper: In case some of you are wondering who the best is, they’re up here on this plaque on the wall…(turns to Maverick) Do you think your name’s gonna be on that plaque, Lieutenant? Maverick: Yes, sir. Viper:...

Google Phones

Santa Claus came slightly late to the Factual office this year… but it was worth the wait! This morning, each Factual employee came into the office to discover that “someone” (as in our CEO Gil) had given us our very own Nexus One mobile phone! As you may know, Google released its Nexus One phone earlier...