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Top 25 QSRs by Footfall

QSR Magazine recently released its ranking of the top 50 fast-food chains in America, based on estimated 2018 sales and total number of locations, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that McDonald’s came out on top – they outsell every competitor by far. 

So we decided to look at the data from a visitation standpoint, using data from this year. Using footfall as a proxy for sales, let’s see how things might get shaken up on next year’s list…

Because we don’t want to give away all our insights, we looked just at the top 25 fast-food chains on QSR Magazine’s list. When it comes to total footfall, Subway, Starbucks and McDonald’s lead the pack. Subway’s 24,000+ locations clearly give it a leg up on its competitors, and their goal to refresh 10,500 US locations by the end of 2020 should help them stay on top of this list.

When we looked at average visits per store, however, things shifted. Popeye’s rose to the top, followed closely by Chick-fil-A and Starbucks. It looks like Popeye’s decision to invest in software to help franchisees choose the best locations for new restaurants is paying off!

This is just a small snapshot of what location data can reveal. To see how you can leverage location data to better understand both your business and your customers, check out Factual Insights or contact our team here.