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TubeMogul Partners with Factual

Today we announced a partnership with TubeMogul, a leader in software for brand advertising, to make our Geopulse Proximity and Geopulse Audience targeting capabilities available directly within TubeMogul’s software platform. The features will be available to all TubeMogul clients globally.

Through the integration, advertisers can apply our highly customizable location-based audiences and geofencing capabilities to both boost scale across premium inventory providers as well as amplify video and display ad formats served within mobile applications. A select set of advertisers, including DWA Boston, has already executed campaigns powered by our data through TubeMogul’s platform in a closed beta testing phase.

Both Geopulse Proximity and Geopulse Audience are powered by our best-in-class Global Places data, which covers over 100 million business listings and points of interest across 50 countries. Geopulse Proximity enables marketers to target mobile users with hyper-relevant messaging based on their current locations, such as all individuals within 100 meters of Shake Shack locations in Brooklyn, New York. Geopulse Audience enables marketers to build highly customized audience segments based on historical location and visit frequency data.

“Factual has built a market leading solution that gives marketers the power to enhance their cross-channel advertising campaigns with highly accurate mobile location data,” said Antoine Barbier, Senior Director of Mobile, TubeMogul. “We’re thrilled to work with Factual to provide marketers like DWA Media with sophisticated capabilities to find and engage their target audience, wherever they are.”

“As viewer attention continues to fragment and mobile cements its position as one of the most critical pieces of a marketer’s strategy, the industry absolutely needs a way to identify, reach and engage users regardless of where they are,” said Sarah Wilson, Media Supervisor, DWA. “This partnership between TubeMogul and Factual helps get us there.”

High growth and increasing levels of sophistication in the programmatic mobile video market are driving high demand for advanced mobile-first targeting data. This partnership with TubeMogul will enable advertisers around the world to combine the power of location data with the engagement of video ads to create and execute highly successful marketing campaigns.