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Two New Products to Enable Mobile Personalization and Ad Targeting – Geopulse Audience and Geopulse Proximity

This post was updated on June 4, 2014

Factual believes that the future of Mobile will be built on Location.  We now manage data on over 65 million small businesses and points of interest in fifty countries, in twenty-five languages, which we serve to thousands of partners through our API and downloadable files. Thanks to our partners contributions across the globe and continued improvements to our data stack, this dataset is growing and improving in quality every week.

Building upon this place-centric foundation, we are pleased to announce two new products that enable developers and publishers to use location to deliver more personalized, contextually relevant experiences and content, based on who and where users are: Geopulse Audience and Geopulse Proximity.

Geopulse Audience converts timestamped location data into demographic, behavioral, and geographic user profiles. It is designed for publishers and developers who serve content on a mobile device and would like personalize their apps and customize their content to create an individual experience.  This is a server-to-server, asynchronous solution and does not require SDK or on-device integration. Our approach to privacy is to respect the implicit relationship of trust between the application and its users, and to be data subcontractors to our partners. Furthermore, our partners commit to having all the necessary permissions to collect and share data with us, the data they provide us has only anonymous IDs, and we delete the inputs provided to us on a regular basis.

We are excited to be launching Geopulse Audience with MoPub Inc. as our initial partner. MoPub is the worlds leading ad server for smartphone application publishers, a pioneer in real-time bidding for mobile with a transparent market that enables advertisers to access billions of impressions with hyper-targeted data. MoPub is integrating Geopulse Audience profiles into their marketplace, enabling their advertisers and demand-side buyers to target ads based on the demographic, behavioral, and geographic characteristics of mobile users. This will increase the number of eligible buyers for ad space, facilitating better-targeted, higher quality advertising campaigns for their mobile app partners.

“Mobile adoption by advertisers has long been challenged by a lack of reliable demographic and behavioral information that can be used to identify the right audience,” said Jim Payne, founder and CEO of MoPub. “Geopulse Audience is an innovative solution and were confident that this will deliver a tremendous amount of value to our publishers and our advertisers.”

While Geopulse Audience is designed to assist in understanding the personal context of mobile engagement, Geopulse Proximity is intended to help developers make sense of the massive volume of location data emitted by contemporary mobile applications.  Specifically, this is a high-volume, low latency geofencing solution that allows advertisers and developers to validate at unparalleled speed millions of coordinate pairs against thousands of geographic point and polygon geofences.  Queries on average take 5,000 nanoseconds (0.005 milliseconds) each, permitting 20,000-50,000 point-in-polygon queries per second, per core.  It is designed for developers and ad-tech providers who see a boatload of geographic data, but need to filter it for the most relevant points.  Geopulse Proximity allows developers to create thousands of geofences with Factuals global data ““ and geographic boundaries such as cities, zip codes, congressional districts, and custom polygons ““ and validate massive streams of coordinate data at unprecedented speed.

We are excited to be launching Geopulse Proximity with Turn as our initial partner. Turn helps create optimal, multi-channel, one-to-one experiences on behalf of its customers. In the same way that the Bloomberg Terminal revolutionized Wall Street trading, Turn helps leading marketers serve the right ads at the right time on the right device for the right price. Turn will be integrating Geopulse Proximity into their platform, enabling their advertisers to run advertising campaigns against geofences around any place in Factuals Global Places data.

“Hyperlocal targeted mobile advertising performs significantly better than industry average by delivering an ad that is contextually relevant to the consumer,” said Mark Balabanian, Sr. Director Business Development at Turn. “Geopulse Proximity enables us to offer hyperlocal targeted campaigns to our advertisers on a global basis with a flexibility and ease that makes these types of campaigns viable to execute at scale.”

We created our Global Places product to help developers create global, location-based applications immediately, without having to build and maintain their own data infrastructures.  We’ve taken a similar approach here, making it easier for our partners to leverage the location capabilities of mobile devices with more sophistication, without slogging through the underlying data, machine learning, and heuristic solutions.   We hope this launch will allow our partners to create more personalized consumer experiences while leveraging Factual’s expertise in Location.

 Learn more about Geopulse Audience and Geopulse Proximity or contact us to get started.

-Tyler Bell, Director of Product