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Tyler Bell on Solving Large-Scale Data Problems at Strata

Tyler Bell, Director of Product here at Factual, will be speaking at the upcoming Strata Conference in Santa Clara. His session, titled “Bigger Than Any One — Solving Large-Scale Data problems with people and Machines,” will be on Wednesday 2/27/13 at 4:50 pm in Ballroom F.

The informatic challenges of 2013 and beyond are bigger than any one company. This presentation provides an overview of a number of recent, successful crowd-sourced and community-driven applications that combine ‘Big Data’ approaches with Community involvement. The speaker dives into the numbers and specific details of Factual’s approach to large-scale, multi-authored data collection and aggregation, and how the company’s data ethos and business positioning dictates both the shape of its technology and its vision of large-scale, collective data ecosystems.

Tyler has a post on Strata’s blog illustrating some of what he will address with an interesting example involving Russain railroads.