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Updated Restaurants Data

Last week, excitement and joy spread through the office as news broke that the Lakers had hired Mike D’Antoni as the new head coach (at least, excitement in my part of the office – Gil is more of a Clippers fan).

Some of us made plans to attend a game. First we did the easy stuff – like buying tickets and coordinating a carpool. But we still had to answer one tough question: where to eat?

We have a pretty diverse crowd at Factual. We would need to find a restaurant that served the right food, had enough room for big groups, and was open before the game. If our party grew, we would have even more requirements – is the restaurant wheelchair accessible? Do they allow smoking? What about a kid’s menu?

Thankfully, our latest release of Restaurants data can more than answer those questions.

The updated dataset, which now includes over 1.2 million restaurants with 43 extended attributes, has improved as follows:

  • Added over 400,000 restaurants
  • Increased coverage across extended attributes by 4.5% — with the biggest gains in: hours of operation (+11%), delivery (+38%), cuisine (+22%), and price (+10%)
  • Hours listings for over 350,000 restaurants, all listed in standardized JSON format
  • Cuisine types for over 1 million restaurants
  • Price, rating, and delivery options for more than 500,000 restaurants each ** (check out our docs for a full list of extended attributes)

The new data is derived from 60+ million contributions from over 160 thousand sources.  With this round, our US Restaurants is now definitively one of the largest and most comprehensive sources of restaurant data available today.
And of course, all of this is easily accessible through the Factual API.  To go back to our example, let’s say we wanted to find a Restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles:

/t/restaurants?filters={"locality":"los angeles","neighborhood":{"$search":"Downtown"}}

We also want to make sure that it serves dinner and has a full bar. And does it take reservations? We have a pretty big party.

/t/restaurants?filters={"locality":"los angeles","neighborhood":{"$search":"Downtown"},"reservations":true,"alcohol_bar":true,"meal_dinner":true}

And can we see its hours? Better safe than sorry.

/t/restaurants?filters={"locality":"los angeles","neighborhood":{"$search":"Downtown"},"reservations":true,"alcohol_bar":true,"meal_dinner":true,"hours":{"$blank":false}}

These queries are just a small sampling of what you can do with our lightning-fast API.  Please keep in mind that all queries made against our Global Places data can also be made against Restaurants data.  Get started today by requesting an API key or download, and look for continuous refinement and expansion in the coming months.

-Ben Coppersmith, Data Specialist