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Updates to Global Places Category Taxonomy

We’ve made some changes to our Global Places category taxonomy. The system is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing our data engineers to add breadth and granularity to our taxonomy as we learn more about how our 65 million places are queried and engaged across the globe. We use Category IDs so that changes will be transparent to our developers. The modifications are as follows:

  • Healthcare: We have added a node to classify “Geriatrics” (“441”), as the use and significance of this category has grown.
  • Retail: We have improved our classification by adding some new nodes, and splitting some existing nodes to allow for more granular searches. We’ve added “Office Supplies” (“444”) and “Party Supplies” (“445”). We added “Meat and Seafood” (“443”) to “Food and Beverage” (“149”), and split “Department Stores and Discount Stores” (“141” and “442” respectively) as experience showed that we need further granularity in this area.
  • Social: We have added “Food Trucks” (“458”) and “Asian” (“457”) to our “Restaurants” (“347”) subcategories.
  • Services and Supplies:We added the following nodes:
    • Translation Services (“450”)
    • Career Counseling (“446”)
    • Construction (“447”)
    • Notary (“448”)
    • Photography (“449”)
    • Technology (“460”, note that this node now includes “Infrastructure” (“454”), “Mobile” (“455”), and “Advertising” (“456”) to respond to the growth of Technology in this category)
  • Transportation: In this class, we have added “Rest Areas” (“459”) to make this category more helpful for road travelers and navigation use cases.
  • Sports and Recreation: Finally, we have added Surfing (“452”, specifically for “Surfing” Places), and Golf Courses (“451”, to separate Golf Stores and Golf Courses).

As always, the categories can be searched and browsed in 10 languages in our Factual Categories Table, and we also make all categories available as a JSON file.  If you have any questions, just hit up our support team.

– Shabnam Shademan, Data Engineer