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Video Clips from Hackers and Founders Factual Hackathon

For those of you who couldn’t attend the Hackers & Founders / Factual hackathon last weekend, we thought we’d post a few choice clips of the weekend’s talks/events for your enjoyment.

On Saturday, Pete Warden moderated a stellar panel that focused on local data. Among other things, the panelists discussed what applications they’d like to see developed in the local data space, as well as the importance of linking multiple identifiers for places data across the web.

(On Local Data Apps They’d Like to See)

(On the Importance of Linking Places IDs)

And the next evening, Marten Mickos (former CEO of MySQYL and current CEO of Eucalyptus) answered questions posed by Factual’s Tyler Bell. Below are some of the highlights from that conversation.

(On MySQL’s Office Culture)

(On The Cloud)

(On Being a Tech Entrepreneur)

– The Factual Team