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Women @ Factual: Empowering Women in Technology

Factual is a place that brings together smart, talented, and diverse people; a place where you can bring your whole self to work. We have several groups to support the professional and personal growth of our talented team, including the Women @ Factual group.

The goal of the group is to empower women in technology through promoting a respectful work environment, providing support to advance professionally and hosting educational sessions with various topics. As part of the education effort, we host a fireside chat with inspirational women each quarter. The speaker series shares the successes and challenges of accomplished women across different industries, with a major focus on technology. Here’s a look at some of the women we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing recently.

Lauren Moores, VP of Data Strategy and Data Sciences at Indigo
Lauren is a technology veteran, with over 20 years of experience in the data and technology industry and uses her skills to optimize business practices with relevant metrics and insightful stories. She is currently the VP of Data Strategy and Data Sciences at Indigo, a Massachusetts company dedicated to harnessing nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet. Prior to Indigo, she was the Director of Data Analytics at Tala, a company that uses mobile behavioral and transactional data to provide instant credit decisions for micro-loans in developing countries.  

Lauren came to our office to share the wisdom she’s gathered from her journey in tech. She gave valuable and honest feedback on the tech industry, as well as the challenges she faced. She also stressed the growing importance of data across all industries.

Eva Ho, General Partner at Fika Ventures
Eva Ho is a serial entrepreneur and currently a General Partner at Fika Ventures, an LA-based boutique seed fund. She is the Entrepreneur-in-Residence for the city of Los Angeles, working with Mayor Eric Garcetti and his team. She also serves on the board of several non-profits like the California Community Foundation and has worked at prestigious companies such as Google and was a founding executive at Factual.

During her visit, she talked about her career path and gave advice about advancing our careers within Factual and the tech industry. She also discussed her toughest obstacles she’s had to face and how she overcame them, as a leading woman in the industry.

Jeanne Holm, Deputy CIO and Senior Technology Advisor to the Mayor for the City of LA
Jeanne Holm brings technical innovations to 4 million people through her role as the Deputy CIO and Senior Technology Advisor to the Mayor for the City of Los Angeles. Her distinguished career spans from working at Data.Gov, World Bank, and NASA, where she empowers people to discover new knowledge and collaborate to improve life on Earth and beyond. In addition, Jeanne is an instructor at UCLA, a Fellow of the United Nations Academy of Astronautics and Director for Education at In Unison.  

Jeanne shared her exciting career path and gave insight into harnessing technology to address homelessness, transportation, sustainability, public safety, and economic development in the City of Los Angeles. She shared her passion for open data and innovation and what excites her most about the data industry and its future. Jeanne also touched on the the struggles she’s overcome on her way to success.

Elyssa Elbaz, Philanthropist
Elyssa Elbaz currently manages the Elbaz Family Foundation, which supports environmental and educational causes and serves on a number of nonprofit boards such as the Plastic Pollution Coalition. She is a former Assistant United States Attorney, where she was a member of the Violent and Organized Crime division. Prior to working as a prosecutor, she worked for the law firm of O’Melveny and Myers and was a journalist for several Los Angeles newspapers and wire services.

Elyssa spoke about her career path from starting her career as a journalist, becoming the assistant US attorney, to managing the Elbaz Family Foundation and juggling several nonprofit boards. She specifically spoke on the importance of mentorship and maintaining relationships, as well as being a working mom with three kids.

Rachana Mukherjee, Director of Analytics and Data Infrastructure at Evite
Rachana has over 12 years of experience in data and analytics,business intelligence, reporting and ETL/data warehousing, systems integrations, automation and web/digital analytics Implementations. She’s worked in a variety of industries including e-commerce, online advertising, electronics and high-tech, and retail/fashion. Rachana currently works as the Director of Analytics and Data Infrastructure at Evite.

Rachana shared her personal experience about how her family influenced and mentored her to the successful woman she is today. She also spoke to the challenges she faced in the tech industry and the problems women continue to struggle with. She specifically discussed the importance of women supporting each other so women can continue to grow and retain a presence in technology.

A big thank you to all of our guests for sharing their stories and advice for success! A special thanks to Kara Weber, Founding Partner at Brilliant Ventures and first W@F guest speaker, for kicking off our speaker series back in 2016. Our team continues to be inspired by these women and we are so excited for what’s to come with our speaker series and the women here at Factual. 

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