Factual Proximity outperforms other targeting tactics for Chevron





Chevron wanted to increase store visits to their Texaco gas stations by reaching people who lived near these store locations with a digital display and video ad campaign. The brand, together with its media agency partner, Wavemaker, also wanted to compare the performance of different targeting solutions so they could improve marketing efficiency.


Wavemaker and Chevron leveraged Factual Proximity to create one of the custom audience segments used for their Texaco campaign. Factual Proximity allows marketers to choose polygon geofencing for highly precise targeting, or to create point-radius geofences tailored to an exact radius specification. Chevron built custom geofences so it could reach people living within a two-to-five mile radius of the designated gas stations. They also implemented a measurement solution so they could compare audience segments and determine the most effective targeting tactics for driving store visits.


Both Wavemaker and Chevron were impressed with the performance Factual targeting delivered. Factual Proximity outperformed non-Factual resident segments by 116%, at $4.31 compared with $16.29 CPV.

“Factual has continually been proactive about making innovative suggestions toward tackling tough, niche, and restrictive targeting parameters.Their staunch partnership has shown consistent performance alongside ongoing improvements to their capabilities with robust customer support” – Anthony Scarola, Programmatic Director at Wavemaker