Factual drives higher CTR for Costa Coffee





Costa Coffee, a British coffeehouse chan, was looking to drive awareness for its new line of iced drinks, drive foot traffic to its UK-based stores, and drive sales for iced drinks during the summer months. It also aimed to stand out from competitive coffeeshops, with personalized mobile ads that enticed consumers to take near-immediate action.


The Costa Coffee team conceptualized a mobile campaign with dynamic creative to direct mobile users to the nearest Costa Coffee location. To execute the campaign, the team leveraged Factual Proximity, a targeting solution that allows marketers to build accurate, custom geofences so they can reach consumers based on where they are in real-time, and update their creative accordingly. Using Proximity, Costa Coffee created geofences around its stores and served targeted ads to people within walking distance (100m) of their stores. The ads invited consumers to come in and cool off with a refreshing drink, available just around the corner.


This targeting strategy eliminated waste by only serving ads to people within walking distance to Costa Coffee shops. Working with Factual also delivered an above average CTR. While the average campaign benchmark CTR was 0.1%, Factual Proximity targeting delivered a CTR of 0.25% CTR, once again illustrating how high-quality location data, designed to perform at scale, delivers a proven ROI.