Money Magazine Leverages Onboard Informatics and Factual Data to Determine Best Travel Destinations for 2016

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Money Magazine was looking to provide recommendations to their readership on the best places to travel domestically in 2016 based on value. To do this, they needed a way to assess the available lodging in the top 100 most popular cities to visit in the United States. This meant finding a robust data source to provide information on the variety, volume, cost, and quality of lodging accommodations around the nation. To do so, they turned to Onboard Informatics and Factual.



Applying their own geospatial processing capabilities and Extended Attributes for Hotel Data from Factual’s Global Places, Onboard Informatics quantified the number of accommodations within 10 miles of each city; they then created a breakdown by star rating of the average low and high room price, lodging type (hotel, bed and breakfast, etc.), and average customer rating weighted by review volume for each. This data enabled Money Magazine to assess the value of available lodging for each destination.



Using the data provided by Onboard Informatics and Factual, as well as other sources, Money Magazine published Best in Travel in 2016, providing travelers with the insight they need to adventure to the choicest destinations with the greatest value.

"We knew the content from Factual was of high quality and well organized. Their open API made it easy to explore the data in advance and quickly validate the business value. Selecting Factual as a partner was the decision for our team and our client."

Peter Goldey, Director, Data Services & Analytics and Co-Founder / CIO

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