Digilant and Factual Drive Superior Engagement for Luminox





Easily navigating a competitive market, Luminox has consistently been a top brand for watch lovers globally. In an effort to increase brand awareness nationally, Luminox decided to expand their reach across four of their partnered retailers who sell their various watch models. These brick and mortar retailers, including Cabelas, Dillards, Nordstrom, and Tourneau, all attract varied sets of core consumers. Together with Digilant and MediaMath, Luminox set out to find the right data partner who could help cast a wide net and capture shoppers at each store.


In order to effectively reach Luminox’s consumers, Digilant turned to Factual’s targeting solution. Leveraging Proximity, they set strategic geofences 1000 meters around any Cabelas, Dillards, Nordstrom, and Tourneau, allowing them to engage with users in real-time with co-branded creative.

Digilant then used Audience to create custom audiences built with users who had visited one of the store locations within the last 30 days. They retargeted these audiences across devices for maximum brand exposure.


Strong Brand Engagement

Factual targeting delivered superior brand engagement with a 25% higher CTR, 44% higher engagements compared to other campaign tactics. Factual segments also represented 10% of view-throughs direct to the Luminox site.

Regional Optimizations, Improved Performance

Analyzing data throughout the campaign allowed for budget optimizations to high performing regions like California, Texas, New York, Florida and New Jersey, ultimately driving better overall results.

Insight into Inventory Success

While the campaign spanned across multiple desktop and mobile formats, in-app inventory outperformed all others by 155% giving Luminox insight into where audiences are engaging with their brand the most.