Factual outperforms all other tactics for convenience store brand





A leading convenience store brand was struggling to compete in the competitive Dallas-Fort Worth market. To stand out and drive foot traffic and sales at its local locations, it aimed to generate awareness about its new line of quick and healthy meals. So, the retail giant partnered with a number of marketing partners, including Factual, to launch a highly-targeted mobile advertising campaign.


The convenience store worked with the Dallas-based strategic marketing and media agency Camelot and Adobe Advertising Cloud to execute the campaign. The campaign creative featured coupons for different healthy products. To ensure they delivered the ads to the audience most likely to take action, Camelot and Adobe used Factual Audience, a Factual targeting product that allows marketers to build customizable, scalable audience segments. They created custom segments of users who had recently visited the convenience store. Then, they leveraged Factual Proximity to geofence store locations and deliver mobile coupons to consumers within the vicinity of stores. This combination drove immediate action.


The results generated with Factual by far outshined other campaign tactics. The Factual segments delivered a 135% higher CTR than the campaign average. The segments also maintained a coupon completion rate of 75% or higher throughout the length of the campaign. Marketing with Factual was also the most efficient of all the campaign targeting tactics leveraged, with Factual segments yielding an eCPM 45% lower than the next most efficient tactic.