Award Winning Campaign Drives Visits in LATAM





Juan Valdez Café, a global coffeehouse chain, wanted to use mobile advertising to generate awareness for its new, innovative menu items, and to increase visits to its coffee shops in Bogota, Colombia.


The brand partnered with Adsmovil, a global mobile advertising solution provider, to develop an interactive mobile ad campaign entitled, “At Any Moment and Anywhere.” The campaign included two interactive ad units featuring a dynamic ad banner that varied depending on the weather and time of day. If it was raining, users saw an ad for a hot beverage. On warm days, users saw an ad for a refreshing cool beverage.

Adsmovil used Factual’s targeting product, Proximity, to build custom geofences around 25 different Juan Valdez coffee shops in Bogota city. These geofences made it possible to reach the right user with the right message, in real-time. The campaign drove more than 900,000 impressions and more than 6,000 clicks on the banner, with many users interacting with the ad for more than 5 seconds.


The campaign increased consumer engagement with the brand by more than 5 percent. The result was an uptick in-store visits and sales for the advertised products. The campaign was so successful, it earned the 2016 MMA Smarties bronze award in the brand awareness category, and the silver in the location-based category. For more details on the campaign, check out this video.