Factual elevates cross-screen measurement strategy for leading auto brand





A leading auto brand was looking for a smarter measurement tool to better evaluate its cross-screen advertising strategy. They struggled to find a reliable, comprehensive tool, and found that many solutions provided reporting after the campaign had run, making it impossible to optimize performance mid-flight.


The auto brand compared several measurement solutions, in search of a comprehensive tool that included all media types, used deterministic visitation data, and offered daily delivery of actionable data. They chose Factual’s Measurement solution, which allows advertisers to measure the true value of their marketing spend by integrating in-store visitation data with online behaviors, and empowers real-time optimization.


Factual’s solution allowed the brand to obtain a 360-degree view of their audience, and to measure 1:1 dealership visits driven by their cross-screen media buy. Because Factual provided daily delivery of data, the brand could optimize its campaigns mid-flight, thereby improving performance and the value of their marketing spend. These data-backed optimizations drove more than 450,000 visits across its U.S. dealership locations, all of which occurred within 30 days of ad exposure.