Factual Delivers “Best in Show” Targeting for Texas Auto Dealers





Selling trucks in Texas? Not as easy as you might think. Competition in this market is intense; and in the digital space, many media vendors are using similar third-party data to reach truck shoppers online, resulting in the same set of online users burning out on one truck ad after another, after another… Goodway Group took a different innovative route to reach potential truck shoppers by running a mobile campaign aimed at capitalizing on the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo event attendees, an audience of 1.1 million+ potential truck shoppers, drivers, and enthusiasts. Through this strategy, Goodway Group was able to reach the truck audience on their home turf and outside of the standard digital targeting channels, making the dealership’s brand and campaign stand out to a fresh local pool of potential customers.


For this campaign, Goodway Group partnered with Factual, the industry-leading mobile location data provider, in order to accurately capture users and serve ads within a geofence of the event location. By using Factual’s Proximity, Goodway Group was able to pinpoint the audience attending this event to precise latitude and longitude coordinates. Then Goodway Group translated those captured event attendees into a custom audience they could retarget after the event to promote special offers.


The campaign saw success both in terms of scale and performance. From 1.1 million+ potential event attendees, Goodway Group was able to deliver nearly 2.8MM impressions both during and post-event. The event portion of the campaign delivered a 0.28% CTR beating the auto industry CTR average of 0.15% (source: DoubleClick Display Benchmarks, Q1 2015). The post-event campaign performed even better delivering a 0.54% CTR, far exceeding the campaign goal of 0.19% CTR, indicating the users captured at the event were engaged by the meaningful follow-up creative messaging.


And more importantly, this campaign drove over 18,000 qualified visits to individual dealer mobile sites, where Goodway Group tracked user actions such as Contact Us, View Inventory, and Dealership Hours & Directions.