Factual Measurement Data Helps Shell Improve Campaign Efficiency





Seeking to defend market share in a competitive region, Shell APAC created a promotional campaign targeting “brand switchers” using five different data providers. Shell needed to measure the digital campaign’s effectiveness in driving real-world results as well as the relative efficiency of each data provider.


Through Google’s Campaign Manager and Factual Measurement Data, Shell was able to accurately attribute online views to offline visits. Factual’s unique real-time data delivery allowed Shell to optimize the campaign in real-time, improving efficiency and amplifying its overall success.


Increased Store Visits

Factual Measurement showed over 7.8K store visits at a conversion rate of 0.07% from online to offline.

More Efficient Spend

Real-time optimizations led to an overall decrease in Cost Per Visit– overall campaign at $5.24 CPV.

More Transactions

Shell experienced a 21% increase in transaction count compared to previous quarters.