Factual Measures CTV Campaign Success for Top QSR Brand





A top cafe-style QSR brand wanted to explore a new channel by running a national CTV campaign. The brand needed a strategy for determining if CTV was an effective channel in driving store visits, and for comparing CTV to other media tactics.


The QSR brand created a CTV campaign in The Trade Desk, which brings the advantages of programmatic to TV advertising. Through The Trade Desk integration with Factual Measurement Data, the brand calculated store visits attributed to their national CTV campaign, ultimately proving success in driving online-to-offline conversions.

Factual Measurement allows advertisers to understand the true value of their marketing investment by leveraging data that is based on directly-measured, real-world user visits, not probabilistic modeling or incentivized panels. Because Factual Measurement integrates with top decision systems like The Trade Desk, it is easy for advertisers to activate within their existing workflows.


Factual Measurement showed the overall campaign resulted in over 68.5K+ store visits. The campaign also increased store visitation, and the average dwell time at the QSR locations was 33 minutes. The Trade Desk/Factual partnership helped the brand understand the value of its campaign, as well as evaluate a new marketing channel.