Factual Targeting Provides Travel Client With a 45% Performance Lift





The Tourism Board of the Northern Territory in Australia wants to create additional awareness for their billboard branding campaign in parts of Australia. In order to measure the impact of location-based targeting, they partnered with Zenith to look at the difference between users who had been exposed to an OOH proximity campaign versus a control group.




Zenith recommended Factual’s Proximity on The Trade Desk to serve relevant targeted ads near their billboards across the country. This way, they could capitalize on users that want to learn more information after seeing the billboards.


Better Performance for Mobile Segments

In terms of CTR, segments with Factual targeting showed more engagement than the control group. Factual segments had a 45% lift on the control group.


More Efficiency

Factual segments also had a more efficient cost per click – Factual segments had a 29% more efficient campaign CPC than the control group.