Factual targeting outshines Google in a campaign for HSBC


Banking & Finance


HSBC wanted to encourage white-collar professionals in Malaysia to visit the HSBC website or their local branch by promoting HSBC Perks@Work, a program that gives customers benefits for crediting their salary to an HSBC account.


HSBC worked with leading media agency OMD to create an innovative digital campaign across both mobile and desktop in Malaysia. OMD leveraged Google’s proximity targeting, which allows advertisers to target users near a particular location, and Factual Audience, a targeting tool that enables marketers to build customized, scalable audiences based on real-world consumer behavior. To measure the campaign, OMD used Factual Measurement Data to integrate high-quality, in-store visitation data into their existing measurement platform.


Factual is independent, which means HSBC received a neutral assessment of foot traffic throughout their entire campaign. And the results were impressive. Factual measured more than 8.6K branch visits throughout the campaign. Factual Audience exceeded the campaign visitation rate of 0.1% by over 46%, with a 0.16% visit rate. In fact, Factual targeting drove 36% of all in-store visits.

Factual Measurement data also helped OMD glean important creative insights. For example, using Factual Audience to retarget users who visited a competitive location had a 47% higher CTR than Google’s proximity targeting.