Luxury Auto Brand Maximizes Investment and Drives Revenue with CTV

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Industry: Auto


A luxury auto brand wanted to optimize its linear TV investment, using connected TV to effectively reach targets not exposed to linear TV ads. They wanted to measure the efficiency of connected TV in delivering hyper-targeted audiences while also delivering incremental reach, driving awareness, and ultimately, converting to sales. They sought to measure the results in part by connecting offline footfall to digital video advertising by using Samsung ACR data and Factual location data to measure offline campaign impact.


Using insights from Samsung’s ACR data to identify households exposed to TV advertising, including those exposed to competitors, the brand’s campaign was able to extend its reach by utilizing a custom targeted segment. Ad delivery rates topped 100%, and video completion rates more than 90%.

Using Factual data, the brand was then able to connect Connected TV ad exposure to offline footfall data and determine which of the exposed viewers then visited a dealership. Factual delivered a daily feed of dealership visitation data that Samsung was able to match to ad delivery data to measure offline success.


Exposure to Samsung Ads CTV enabled the brand to reach targets who missed the TV commercial, eventually driving visitation to the dealership. The campaign reached 77% of the Samsung Smart TV audience, extending reach from the original 61% reached by linear by +17%.

By connecting CTV ad exposure to offline footfall data and determining which of the exposed viewers then visited a dealership, Factual data was able to show an above average lead conversion rate from website-to-dealer visitation and determine which audience targeting tactics led to the most conversions (custom audience targeting performed best). Based on estimates, that increase in conversion could lead to up to 55x return on ad spend.