Luxury Retail Brand Drives Visitation with CTV





A luxury retail brand wanted to optimize its connected TV investment and effectively measure ROI, while also gaining insight into and understanding the viewing patterns of those who visit its stores. The brand aimed to reach Fashion and Women’s Lifestyle Enthusiasts with video ads on CTV and native ads on Samsung Smart TVs and used Factual location data to measure the offline impact of the campaign through store visitation attribution.


Samsung Ads matched Factual’s footfall audience, which consisted of all people observed at the brand’s retail locations, to audiences within the Samsung TV household universe of over 30 MM Samsung Smart TVs.

Factual’s real-time location data was able to show exactly how many store visits were driven by the Samsung Ads CTV and Smart TV campaigns. The combination of Samsung’s proprietary Advanced TV viewership data and Factual’s location information was used to measure store visitation as well as to uncover insights about store visitors based on their viewing habits. This, in turn, is used to further optimize future campaigns to yield better attribution.


The Connected TV Video Ads improved store visitation by 37% versus any other type of exposure on Samsung Ads.

Among the native placement, opt-in / direct-to-video ads performed better than auto-play video ads in driving store visitation, confirming user-controlled play as synonymous to interest and/or intent. The study also revealed that the brand’s shoppers are more likely to be heavy streamers or OTT app users, compared to the average population, and those shoppers are more likely to be on connected TV.