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Award Winner


The Drum Digital Trading Awards, Best Mobile Campaign


MMA Smarties, Enabling technologies, Location Based [USA]


BMW sought to drive more potential consumers to its dealerships to increase sales. BMW prospective customers include affluent consumers who are in-market for a luxury vehicle, so it needed tactics for targeting this specific audience.


BMW partnered with Cadreon, IPG Mediabrand’s programmatic technology solution, to create a year-long, national mobile campaign. Cadreon leveraged the Adelphic self-service programmatic platform to execute the campaign.

Adelphic is one of Factual’s many ad tech partners. It integrates Factual targeting solutions so its users can leverage Factual’s best-in-class location data. For the BMW campaign, Cadreon used Factual Audience, a targeting solution that enables marketers to build customizable, scalable audiences based on people’s real-world behavior. BMW’s customer segment consisted of people who had visited BMW dealerships, or competitor dealerships, in recent months.

Cadreon and BMW also used Factual Proximity to create custom geofences around BMW and competitor dealerships, allowing them to reach users on their mobile devices in real-time. Reaching consumers based on real-time location allows marketers to influence purchase decisions, and to reflect their consumers’ mindsets in their ad creative.


Factual targeting resulted in a 112.8% lift in foot traffic to BMW dealerships1.The campaign’s success also achieved industry recognition. It won first place in the “Best Mobile Campaign” category of The Drum Digital Trading Awards, and the bronze honor in the MMA Smarties (Enabling technologies, Location based-USA).


1. Measured by Placed between 6/1/2015 and 12/31/2015 against other consumers of the same age, gender, income, geography, and ethnicity.