Factual Proximity Drives 56% Increase in CTR



Banking & Finance


A leading financial brand needed to promote its prepaid debit card product to high probability adopters—ATM users. The brand partnered with Vivaki, a marketing communications organization, to create a mobile marketing campaign.


Vivaki leveraged Adelphic, a leading enterprise DSP and long-time partner of Factual. Adelphic integrates Factual products, including Factual Proximity, which enables marketers to create custom geofences to reach mobile users based on where they are in real-time. Proximity is built on Factual’s proprietary Global Places dataset that includes more than 130 million places and points of interest across 52 countries, including retailers, restaurants, auto dealers, and banks.

The financial brand used Factual Proximity to target a 200-500m radius around ATMs in select zip codes. It then served targeted mobile ads to users within those areas to promote the debit card product.


Together with its partners, the financial brand achieved a 0.53% CTR—56% above the industry average for similar products. Their success demonstrates location-based mobile advertising’s ability to move the needle for financial marketers.