Factual helps major quick service restaurant brand gain 1.3.x more visits





A leading fast food brand needed to drive customer foot traffic for specific retail locations and increase sales. It aimed to leverage location-based marketing to reach consumers near their restaurants to drive real-time results.


The QSR brand collaborated with Xaxis, a leading programmatic media company, to launch a mobile advertising campaign. Xaxis uses Factual targeting products, including Factual Proximity, which allows marketers to create custom geofences around specific areas so they can reach consumers in real-time. These geofences are created using Factual’s proprietary Global Places dataset, which includes more than 130 million places and points of interest across 52 countries, including retailers, restaurants, auto dealers, and more. This enables marketers to reach consumers near their store locations, as well as near their competitors’ stores, allowing them to launch innovative, powerful mobile campaigns.

In this case, the QSR brand used Factual geofencing to reach users within a designated distance from their restaurants. The brand customized the mobile creative to include the address of the nearby store to drive immediate action.


The Factual-powered campaign generated above-average performance. Users who received the targeted mobile ad visited the restaurant 34.4% more often than users who saw another type of advertising. Overall, the campaign generated a 1.34x lift in store visitation.