Factual and Xaxis drive the bulk of in-store visits for a major jewelry brand





A major luxury jewelry company wanted to increase store visits for 300+ authorized jeweler locations. It built an integrated advertising campaign with mobile and out-of-home (OOH) components, working with Xaxis, a leading programmatic media and technology platform. In addition to driving foot traffic, the brand sought to compare Xaxis’ performance to other campaign targeting solutions and traffic sources.


The client leveraged Xaxis Places, a programmatic platform powered by Factual that allows advertisers to buy digital-out-of-home (DOOH) ad inventory via real-time-bidding. Xaxis Places integrates Factual high-quality location data to enable marketers to build custom, scalable audiences based on real-world behaviors, and to create custom geofences to target consumers based on where they are in real-time.

The jewelry brand’s audience segments included affluent pre-engaged men age 25-44 and highly affluent women age 25-64. Using Xaxis, they could buy media within a specific range of authorized store locations and update the ad creative with the relevant store address.


Xaxis Places outperformed other campaign tactics, demonstrating the power of personalized, location-based DOOH. Xaxis/Factual targeting drove the majority of store visits, comprising 84.8% of total campaign visits–a 9.4x higher store visitation rate than the control group.