Factual & S4M deliver granular measurement insights for Pernod Ricard





French beverage company Pernod Ricard was looking to reach consumers in transit at airports across the UK to promote two luxury Scotch whiskeys and drive travelers to duty-free stores prior to take-off. In addition to devising a mobile campaign, the brand needed a measurement strategy for tying in-store traffic to targeted mobile impressions.


Together with S4M, a mobile advertising company that specializes in bridging the gap between digital advertising and offline behavior, Pernod Ricard launched a targeted mobile campaign. To measure performance, S4M partnered with Factual, integrating Factual Measurement Data with the S4M Drive-to-Store platform, a tool for managing, measuring, and optimizing incremental visits in real-time to online and physical stores.

Using Factual’s proprietary, deterministic location data, S4M successfully tied foot traffic to each impression served. As Factual provides daily campaign reporting, S4M and the brand could optimize campaign performance on an ongoing basis to improve results. Furthermore, Factual provides total transparency and granular detail, so the marketers could analyze the performance of specific duty-free locations to better understand and optimize their campaign and their spend.


Together S4M and Factual painted a clear picture of campaign performance and allowed Pernod Ricard to measure the precise impact of its online spend on offline behavior. Through the course of the campaign, S4M and Factual measured 306 visits to duty-free stores and attributed 126 incremental visits to the campaign.

Overall, the campaign generated a visit rate of 0.31% and a store visit uplift of 70%. Additionally, Factual Measurement Data revealed valuable insights that Pernod Ricard could use to inform future marketing. For example, 77% of the total visits took place during the day from 7am to 7pm. Monday was the most effective campaign day, generating 20% of visits.

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