Factual Audiences Drive In Store Visits for Pet Food Brand





To compete with well-known brands and drive brand awareness, “I and love and you,” a healthy pet food company, wanted to reach passionate pet owners willing to spend a little extra on their best friends. To help drive sales, the brand aimed to target passionate pet owners who shopped at specific retail locations that sold “I and love and you” products.


“I and love and you” and its marketing partner, IMM Marketing Agency, worked with the Factual Strategy team to create Custom Factual Audiences. Factual suggested combining behavioral attributes of pet owners with its high-quality location data to pinpoint passionate owners who frequented specific retail locations, including Kroger, a partner retailer for the brand.

Factual has deep and sophisticated integrations with leading adtech solutions, making Factual Audiences easy to activate. IMM set up the campaign in The Trade Desk and designated specific user behaviors as high intent actions, including clicking on the “where to buy” button, purchasing directly on the site, and/or clicking through to an online retailer.


Factual advertising solutions helped the brand maximize spend efficiency and exceed campaign benchmarks. Factual Custom Audiences drove a $11.51 Cost Per Action (CPA), outperforming predictive audiences’ CPA of $14.19. Factual Custom Audiences also outperformed other targeting tactics and exceeded the $20 Cost Per Site Visit campaign goal by 54%.

“Geo based targeting through Factual helped us find our most efficient converting audience for this campaign.” – Henry Robinson, Associate Media Manager, IMM