Factual Helps Drive In-Store Visits for Pet Food Brand




A healthy pet food brand sought to create a digital video campaign on Connected TV (CTV). Their aim was to build brand awareness for their pet food products, drive in-store traffic to neighborhood pet stores selling their products, and measure foot traffic to these designated locations.


Rise Interactive, a digital marketing agency, created two CTV campaigns for the pet food brand, so they could reach their audience on the largest screen in the house. To build custom audience segments, they used Factual Audience, a targeting tool that allows marketers to build niche but scalable audiences based on real-world behavior. To reach the ideal audience, Rise Interactive leveraged Factual location data to target people who had recently visited animal shelters, competitor stores, and/or neighborhood pet shops.

To understand the effectiveness of their campaign, they enlisted Factual Measurement, a flexible measurement tool built on high-quality location data. The solution enables advertisers to understand the true value of their marketing using in-store visitation data and actionable campaign insights.


Factual-powered advertising delivered above-average results. While the campaigns’ average Cost Per In Store Visit (CPISV) were $1.64 and $1.53, Factual Audience segments resulted in CPISVs of $.90 and $.81, respectively. And, while the campaigns drove an average visit rate of 1.77%, Factual Audience generated a visit rate of 2.46%.

“Factual has been a crucial partner in developing and maintaining a holistic campaign strategy for our programmatic campaigns. The team at Factual plays a large role in contributing to audience and measurement strategy prior to a campaign launch, as well as providing recommendations for optimizations throughout. They constantly have the client’s goals and needs in mind.” – Molly Murphy, Associate Manager, Rise Interactive