Factual Targeting Outperforms Google Affinity Targeting for a Leading Beauty Brand




A luxury beauty brand aimed to drive store visits using custom audience targeting, including custom affinity targeting in Google DV360. The brand needed a way to measure the effectiveness of its different targeting tactics so it could compare strategies and understand which tactic drove the highest campaign performance.


The beauty brand created custom campaign segments using Factual Audience, which allows advertisers to design highly-customizable, scalable audience segments based on consumers’ real-world behavior.

The luxury beauty brand also used Factual Measurement Data to analyze and compare the effectiveness of custom targeting directly from their buying platform with Google’s Display and Video 360 and Factual custom audiences. Factual Measurement Data is based on directly-measured, real-world user visits, not probabilistic modeling, and the data integrates with top measurement platforms, making it easy for the brand to track offline versions and optimize performance mid-flight.


Factual Audience drove 92% of all visits generated from the beauty brand’s audience targeting tactics. Factual targeting was also more efficient than other tactics, generating a $2.87 Cost Per Visit, compared to Google audience targeting’s $13.49 CPV.

Overall, custom targeting led to a 24% decrease in CPV compared to the brand’s previous campaign flights, with Factual data and measurement tools driving the bulk of the value.