Major jewelry brand increases online and offline traffic for its mobile campaign





A large jewelry company was looking to build awareness for its brand, particularly its bridal line, which drives a large percentage of its sales. So, it conceptualized a cross-screen campaign, with a focus on mobile, to drive online traffic and conversions and increase foot traffic to its stores.


The brand used Factual targeting tools to reach its target audience with a personalized message. With Factual Audience, the jewelry company built a custom audience based on real-world behavior. Then, they leveraged Factual Proximity to build custom geofences around their target consumers so they could serve mobile in-app ads based on people’s real-world location.


Factual Proximity segments delivered a 0.49% CTR, driving users to the jeweler’s landing page. Factual Targeting outperformed all other campaign strategies and delivered the highest lift in foot traffic for the brand. This combination of online and offline results was exactly what the jewelry company had hoped to achieve with its advertising.