Factual Closes the Loop for Leading Retailer





A leading specialty retailer hoped to expand the reach of their advertising via a targeted Connected TV (CTV) campaign. But, the retailer and its agency struggled to “close the loop”–to effectively measure the impact of their campaign on in-store traffic and buying behaviors.


The retailer worked with Rise Interactive, a digital marketing agency, to create an innovative measurement strategy that linked their targeted CTV campaign to real-world footfall data using Factual Measurement Data.

Factual Measurement Data helps marketers tie deterministic foot traffic to each impression served to prove the value of their media investment. Factual integrates with top decision systems across the entire ad tech ecosystem, including CTV. It also allows marketers to track campaign performance in real-time, so they can optimize mid-flight.


Using Factual Measurement Data, Rise Interactive helped the retailer understand campaign performance, as well as the potential of CTV advertising—a new media for the brand. Using Factual Measurement data, Rise Interactive was able to optimize the campaign in real-time, thereby achieving a $10-$17 cost-per-visit—far below their benchmark. Factual also made it easy to integrate in-store visits withThe Trade Desk campaign reporting, facilitating neutral, holistic measurement and a streamlined workflow.

The Rise Interactive team notes that Factual has been a huge part of their CTV strategy by allowing brands to better measure and optimize the budding media.