Factual helps Sawyer Studios drive awareness for a new documentary



Media & Entertainment


Sawyer Studios, a full-service entertainment marketing agency that supports the film and television industries, was promoting a new movie, “City of Gold,” a documentary that follows Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic Jonathan Gold as he explores Los Angeles’s culinary scene. Sawyer Studios knew the film would appeal to fine dining lovers and foodies—they just needed a way to find them.


The agency created a mobile advertising campaign to promote the documentary, and they enlisted Factual’s help with targeting. The Factual Strategy team created a list of the trendiest restaurants in the top 15 DMAs. Using the Factual targeting solution, Proximity, they built custom geofences around the restaurants, creating custom “Foodie” audience segments.


Sawyer Studios gave Factual full control over campaign targeting, and it paid off. The average CTR for Factual “Foodie” segments was .21%, which is 40% higher than the industry benchmark for mobile (.15%). Factual targeting improved campaign performance and captured the attention of fine dining lovers and foodies in high-value areas.