Factual outperforms other direct response methods for Shell





Shell aimed to increase registrations and active users for its Fuel Rewards (FR) Loyalty program. So, it sought to find innovative ways to reach users who could be recognized as drivers, and to deliver targeted, in-the-moment messages to encourage them to register for the program.


To build a mobile advertising campaign, Shell leveraged Factual Audience, a targeting solution that allows marketers to design custom audience segments and activate them across devices and media channels, using their preferred ad buying platforms and partners.

Factual Audience leverages the Factual Observation Graph, a proprietary mobile device dataset built with directly-measured, real-world user visits—not probabilistic modeling or incentivized panels. The Observation Graph ingests billions of discrete, daily location signals, and filters and processes these signals using proprietary technologies.

Shell used Factual data to find and target heavy motorists, Shell consumers, and Shell competitor consumers. Then, Shell customized its mobile ad messaging to reflect how often users were driving.


The combination of granular targeting and personalized messaging led to outstanding marketing results. Factual Audience advertising was 14x more effective in driving click-throughs to the registration page than other direct response methods.