Factual helps Shell reach truckers to promote its new diesel engine oils





Shell wanted to raise awareness about its new and improved Rotella formulations, heavy duty diesel engine oils that protect engines against wear, deposits, and oil breakdown. Shell’s target audience was “Truckers,” people who own and operate a rig. This audience is predominantly male, and they see trucking as a lifestyle. They are passionate about their work, and they are willing to invest time and resources to conserve their vehicle. Shell needed a way to reach this audience, with a message that would resonate.


Using Factual Insights, a tool that helps businesses make data-driven decisions using location data and real-world behavior patterns, Shell identified places and routes common to truckers. Then, it used Factual Audience to build custom audiences so they could target truckers as they traveled high-trafficked routes and visited popular rest and sleep stops


The results were staggering: Factual’s custom “Truckers” segments drove a 68% higher CTR than the campaign average for display tactics, allowing Shell to share the news about its product improvements with the people it mattered to most.