Award Winner

Factual solutions lead to an award-winning campaign for Starbucks



Award Winner

2019 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards

“Most Effective Use of Location”


Starbucks aimed to drive in-store visitation and sales across the Philippines to promote a new line of summer Frappuccino flavors. Together with its digital marketing partners, the leading coffee brand designed a sophisticated mobile advertising campaign.


Starbucks used Factual Audience to create its target groups. Factual Audience leverages high-quality data on places and the movement of devices worldwide, allowing marketers to create custom, scalable segments based on real-world behavior. Starbucks targeted consumers
most likely to be interested in the promotion, including frequent Starbucks visitors, students, working professionals, and customers of competitive coffee shops.

Starbucks also used Factual Proximity, which enables marketers to build accurate, custom geofences to reach consumers based on where they are in real-time. Starbucks targeted users at local shopping outlets, universities, and office buildings, with custom creative that often included information on the closest store location.

To measure the campaign, Starbucks leveraged Factual Measurement data, high-quality data that enabled the team to move beyond basic response metrics to measure what mattered most: in-store visitation.


Both Factual Audience and Factual Proximity segments outperformed all other targeting tactics. Factual Audience delivered the highest number of store visits, with an average cost per visit (CPV) of $0.09—the lowest CPV of the campaign.

In addition to the unparalleled performance, Factual Measurement empowered the Starbucks team with granular performance metrics and consumer insights that they could use to improve future campaign planning.

The campaign also earned industry recognition and was shortlisted for “Most Effective Use of Location” in the 2019 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards.

“Working with Mindshare, Xaxis, and Factual has provided the Starbucks Digital Marketing team with renewed optimism for what can be further achieved within the digital space.” – Jo-Ann Ramos, Marketing Manager, Starbucks Coffee Philippines