Factual Proves DOOH Campaign Success for Top Telecom Company



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A leading telecom company needed to reach value-conscious families in two key markets, so it partnered with Vistar Media to create an innovative digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign targeting a custom “value-seeking family” audience. But, the brand needed a way to measure campaign effectiveness in driving store visits so it could understand marketing ROI and evaluate DOOH against other media channels.


Factual Measurement Data is high-quality, in-store visitation data that integrates easily with top decision systems across channels, including OOH and CTV, so marketers can track offline conversions. Factual’s proprietary Observation Graph offers unprecedented scale, covering more than 120MM devices in the U.S. and 300MM worldwide, so marketers can have confidence campaign data is accurate. Because Factual provides measurement data daily, marketers can also use the data to optimize campaigns mid-flight.

Using Factual Measurement Data’s integration with Vistar Media, the telecom company was able to go beyond basic campaign metrics to understand the DOOH campaign’ on real-world store visitation.


Using Factual Measurement, Vistar Media and the telecom company determined the campaign drove 88% lift in store visitation rate among the target audience. Using Factual Measurement Intelligence, they transformed performance metrics into actionable insights they could use to optimize the campaign, and to inform future marketing. For example, in this campaign, malls and office buildings proved to be the most effective DOOH venues, driving an average an average lift in foot traffic of 170%.