Twin Peaks Wins at Game Time with Location Data



Dining / Casual Restaurants


Twin Peaks, a chain of sports bars and restaurants, was looking to drive avid sports fans who enjoyed watching sports while eating and drinking to their restaurants.


The Twin Peaks’ agency of record, The Infinite Agency, partnered with Adobe Advertising Cloud to execute a highly-targeted campaign across mobile, tablet, and desktop, featuring pre-roll video creative. The campaign targeted sports enthusiasts aged 21-54 through contextual, behavioral, and geo-targeting strategies.

Using Factual’s Audience, they created a custom ‘Twin Peaks’ Restaurant Diners’ segment reaching users who had recently visited a Twin Peaks restaurant. They also leveraged Proximity to geofence Twin Peaks’ locations to reach nearby users in real-time with dayparting to deliver relevant messaging (i.e. lunch vs dinner).


High Performance

The CTR goal for this campaign was .23%, the overall CTR reported was 0.5%. Factual’s placements outperformed the overall CTA by 2x and overall campaign goal CTR by 3x, reporting a Factual placement CTR of 0.95%. Factual’s placements also earned a higher VCR of 70%, compared to the overall VCR of 67%.