Factual Targeting Drives Low CPV for Unilever




Unilever and their agency partner, Mindshare, sought to leverage smart tactics to target their consumers in Indonesia to drive awareness of their new Pepsodent variant and drive users to local Alfamart convenience stores.


To target users within the vicinity of Alfamart stores, in real-time, Mindshare utilized Factual Proximity, a targeting tool that allows marketers to build accurate, custom geofences. They also implemented a custom targeting approach using Factual Audience, which enables marketers to build customized, scalable audiences based on real-world behavior. As Pepsodent is a toothpaste product, Mindshare used Factual tools to create segments such as “Dental Care Enthusiasts” and “Frequent Grocers,” and to target people who lived near or frequented Alfamart stores.

To close the loop, Mindshare used Factual measurement data, which allowed them to understand how effectively their strategies drove in-store visitation.


The campaign had a positive impact on foot traffic, with Factual delivering an overall visitation rate of 6.7% to Alfamart stores throughout Indonesia, for a total of 60K visits. The campaign was also cost-effective, with an overall CPC rate of $1.21 USD, an eCPM of $1.91 USD, and an overall CPV rate of $.10 USD.

Factual Measurement also allowed Unilever to glean valuable insights from the campaign, and to understand and compare audience segments. For example, targeting residents who lived near Alfamart delivered a CPV rate of $.17, and a total of 28K in-store visits.