Become a Partner

Factual data is made available to the marketplace exclusively through our partners. Our focus is on providing our partners with the best location data, ad targeting tools, and service.

Benefits of Partnering with Factual

Win more business at higher margins by offering your advertisers the best location based ad targeting, precise offline conversion measurement, and consumer insights based on real world behavior.

Differentiate With Quality Data

Advertisers understand that targeting is only as good the data it’s based on. Factual provides the best mobile location data, so your customers’ campaigns return stellar results. How? Through a complex stack of proprietary data and technology .

Differentiate Through Customization

Deliver highly-customized targeting tailored to advertisers’ campaign KPIs using Factual’s self-service, web-based Geopulse Designer tools .

Offer More Premium Inventory

Enhance your own 1st party data with Factual’s quality mobile location data to increase relevancy and improve performance.

Convey the Full Value of Your Campaigns

Quantify the full value of your campaigns by incorporating offline conversion measurement into performance metrics with Geopulse Data for Measurement.

Add Value Through Insights

Identify real world consumer insights to inform and influence your customers’ media planning with Geopulse Insights.


Neutral and Noncompetitive

Factual is a data company. We do not buy or sell media, so we’re never competing against you for IOs.

White-Glove Support

Factual’s strategy team is always ready to help with RFP response, planning, targeting recommendations, and custom segment creation at no additional cost. Reach out to any time.

Easy Integration

Factual audiences are easily accessible within your DMP workflow. Prefer a more customized solution? Factual offers multiple integration options to suite your unique needs and workflow.


Visit to learn more about partnering.