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475 Categories

Up 3 three categories are assigned per record with category labels provided in 29 different languages.

25 Core Attributes & Extended

Includes name, address, geocode, hours, Existence score, etc with additional 50+ features that provide deeper understanding of POIs.


Factual’s unique, machine learned score that determines the likelihood of a place existing in the physical world.


Factual’s measure of a place’s popularity based using a multitude of signals.


Map any POI in our dataset to its corresponding social media pages


Explicitly mapped national and local chain brands to their brick and mortar locations. Use our custom UI to easily find chains, such as Starbucks, in the US.

Insights into real world visits

Learn more about the behaviors of your best customers and discover when and where they visiting in the world.

Analyze audience attributes

Go beyond lat / long coordinates and explore attributes like top categories and chains visited, demographic characteristics, income distribution, time of day and week analysis, and more.

Compare to the general population

Identify how your target audience trends towards the general population. Breakdown their visits by category and vertical and index where they are most likely to be.

“By partnering with Factual, Goodway has taken its ad targeting capabilities to the next level of precision. The ad campaigns we intend to create together will significantly move the probability needle toward the ultimate goal – purchasing by mobile users.”

— John Mellinger

Vice-President of Enterprise Partnerships

Factual’s Global Places contains data of over 100 million businesses and points of interest (POI) across 52 countries. Factual Places data is used in local search, business analytics, and mobile applications that need to understand how consumers connect with the real-world landscape.



Place Records




Core Attributes


Place Categories


High Quality Data
Comprehensive and accurate dataset of real world locations
Continuously Up To Date
Factual is continuously updating and validating our Places dataset to capture changes in the physical world and ensure quality
Unencumbered Usage
Global Places data is neutral and can be used and customized to suit any business need.
Trusted by Major Brands
Global Places powers top mobile apps like Uber, Facebook and Apple Maps to enhance their location services

Factual Data Powers

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Create tareting rules and push them to your app without having to code, using the Garage Web UI


Highly Accurate Location Detection

Using our machine learning model, Engine can correctly identify that you are inside a particular place, even if your latitude/longitude in relation to the geofence indicates otherwise.

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