Do SMBs need more location in their data?

Small businesses aren't just competing with other small businesses. They are competing against both regional, national and international brands in the online space. Here's how data can help.


Brands: Data trends to watch

The drive to data is a huge trend in the online space. Brands are collecting more data, analyzing more data and integrating more data. Here are the trends to watch in the data space.

ANA Magazine

Bring On The Data

Our Director of Strategic Partnerships chats with ANA Magazine about using location to create mobile audiences.


GeoMinds: Investigating Various Pathologies of Low Quality Location Data

A significant percentage of location data in the mobile ad ecosystem — anywhere from 30- to 70 percent — is of insufficient quality for appropriate use in location based mobile ad targeting, measurement, or analytics. In this post, we’ve aimed to do a deep dive into one specific driver of low quality location data: app permissions.

The Hub

Factual Hunts Customers With Very Big Data

Factual Director of Marketing, Vikas Gupta, discusses the company's vision, technology, and recent partnerships.