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Factual Working with Facebook to Improve Location Data, Helping Apple with ‘Global Places’ Data

Factual has been pretty busy lately – and especially this week. The geolocation firm just announced its partnership with Facebook, for starters.


Facebook Partners With Factual, Expands Data Usage

Factual announced today that it has partnered with Facebook, and that Apple has extended its contract with them. Facebook plans to use the data in many features, including Facebook Business Pages, places search, Check Ins, and Place Tips.

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Apple and Facebook Put Lesser-Known Factual on the Map

The data provided to Apple, Facebook and other clients including Yelp and Bing is the same information employed by Factual to help its advertiser clients build audience profiles for location-based ad targeting.

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Factual Founder, Gil Elbaz, Talks About Failure and Neutral Data

Factual Founder, Gil Elbaz discusses key takeaways from his experiences including his mistakes, role models, and challenges.


Location Inaccuracy Is A Bigger Problem Than Fraud

There are myriad reasons why location data can be defective – and fraud is just one small piece of that growing problem. The lack of industry standards around the collection and use of location data leads to a fair amount of misunderstanding, unintentional discrepancies and widespread inaccuracy.