How This Entrepreneur is Democratizing Access to the World’s Data

Gil Elbaz plans to democratize the world's access to information so that every business has the ability to collect 'Google level' data.


Why Uber, Apple, and Facebook All Want Data From This Startup

Apple's Maps app uses it. Facebook relies on it for location tagging. And now it will help power Uber's services.


Beating Back the Patent Trolls

Factual CEO and Founder Gil Elbaz talks about why we wouldn't settle with a patent troll and how we won.


Facebook Expands Its Location Data Deal With Factual Globally

Facebook is working with Factual to power the location data across many of Facebook’s Business Pages, places search, Check Ins, and Place Tips.

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Podcast with Factual at MWC Barcelona

This was the opportunity to meet with Vikas Gupta, the marketing director of the Los Angeles-based company and to talk about their latest developments and the trend they see on the market.