Factual Privacy Portal

Factual’s commitment to privacy, transparency, and consumer control

At Factual, privacy, transparency, and consumer control are core to our mission and built into our products. This privacy portal offers more information on our approach to responsible data collection and regulatory compliance, as well as our ongoing efforts to serve as an industry leader in location data privacy.

Factual's Approach to Privacy

Since our founding, Factual has incorporated deep respect for privacy and data security into our policies and practices. Our products are designed with privacy in mind and our business has been built around compliance, security, and respecting data rights.

Compliance and Consumer Control

Factual is committed to protecting the privacy of consumers. We believe consumers should be empowered to understand and control when and how their location data is used, which will ultimately lead to improved online experiences and greater trust in platforms and providers.

Industry Leadership and Organizations

Factual’s participation in more than a dozen industry committees and working groups affords us worldwide visibility into the latest legislative, regulatory, and industry developments regarding privacy issues.

Updated August 6, 2019

Factual’s Approach to Privacy

Factual’s products are powered by location data that is sourced and used responsibly. We are committed to protecting the privacy of consumers and upholding the trust that our partners place in us.

We work hard to ensure we’re receiving only the best, highest-quality location data that is collected with consumer consent.  We also have policies and practices in place to make sure that location data is used responsibly within our products.

As an industry-leading location data provider since 2008, Factual is proud that our data is trusted by the world’s most innovative brands, including Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Uber. We have provided location data in advertising campaigns for more than 6,000 brands around the world, including all of the top 50 US advertisers according to AdAge.  


Our Commitment to Compliance and Consumer Control

All of the location data that powers Factual’s products is pseudonymized, meaning it is connected to a device and is not connected back to individual identities. Factual does not collect or store traditional personally identifiable information (PII), such as names, phone numbers, social security numbers, or email addresses, to build its products.

Factual requires that our data suppliers share location data with us only with consumer notice and consent. Partners are prohibited from sharing data with Factual if the user has not provided this required consent. We regularly engage in conversations with our partners about our data and data practices, and we conduct privacy audits among the companies that supply location data for Factual products.

It’s easy for consumers to opt-out of the collection, use, and transfer of their location data for targeted advertising by Factual or other companies integrated within the  DAA’s AppChoices app. We can also delete individual device information upon request, in locations where this is required by law.


Industry Leadership and Organizations

Factual is a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), and we adhere to codes of conduct and principles laid out by both the NAI and the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA). We work closely with these industry organizations and others, including the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) US, IAB UK, and IAB Europe, to both understand and help architect industry best practices regarding privacy and data protection.

We are a founding member of the MMA Location Privacy Alliance, an organization which is working to shape regulatory guidelines that will address the inappropriate use of location data in sensitive situations, as well as a location data consent framework that offers consumers transparency, informed consent and ongoing control of their choices. Additional information regarding Factual’s privacy practices is available in our Privacy Policy.

Industry Organizations