Factual Data Enrichment

Enrich your first party customer data using Factual’s high quality, real-world visitation data


Sophisticated Customer Analytics & Tailor-made Engagement

Bring your customer profiles to life. Blend Factual’s real-world visitation data with your first party customer data to:

Create a more unified customer profile
Enhance customer analytics
Improve personalization and engagement strategies across all your channels

Enhanced Audience Modeling & Activation

Demonstrate real-world based knowledge of your customers. Blend Factual’s real-world visitation data with your first party customer data to:

Create more representative audience segments and models of your customers
Demonstrate audience affinity and enhance the value of web and advertising inventory


Customer Summary Feed

Customer Summary Feed delivers inferred audience lifestyle and behavioral segments for each of your customers based on real world visits.

  • Over 1000+ lifestyle, lifestage and behavioral audience segments that can be inferred

Visit Feed

Visit Feed provides a list of your customer’s real world visits to chains and place categories most relevant to your business.

  • Specific location attributes including chain, category, dwell time, and more


High Quality POI Data

Factual’s proprietary Global Places dataset includes 130MM+ global POIs, 475 categories and 1,800+ chains.

Unbiased and representative Device Data

Factual’s Observation Graph sees over 300MM+ monthly unique devices globally

Place Attachment Technology

Proprietary, machine learned model that uses over 100 features to accurately identify a real place visit

Robust Attributes

Over 475+ place categories, 1,800+ retail chains, 1,000+ lifestyle, behavioral audience segments available to be incorporated into delivered data

Privacy Forward

Data Enrichment is built with privacy and consumer consent in mind. Read more about our privacy policy and practices here

Turn Key

Easily receive and activate Enrichment data within current workflows and platforms through integrations with CDPs (such as mParticle) and other data platforms


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