Factual Location Engine

Enables mobile marketers and app developers to easily build location intelligence into apps to better understand customer behavior and build personalized experiences that drive user engagement


Deepen Customer

Note a user’s movements in the real world throughout the day. Create user segments based on location patterns

Enrich User

Enrich existing user profiles by adding location history to demographic data, purchase history, and other user data to complete the picture of the customer

Personalize Marketing Campaigns

Deploy highly personalized marketing campaigns via integrations with analytics and mobile engagement platforms

Increase App Engagement

Drive app interactions based on location and behavioral context with personalized notifications and prompts at the right time and place


Privacy Safe

No personal information has to leave the device. Location Engine’s machine learning algorithm runs against a client-side cache of location data, making it safe for privacy-sensitive applications

Accurately Map to Real-World Places

Correlate a device’s location to places in the physical world using proprietary Place Attachment technology, which is more accurate than polygons and more scalable than beacons


The Place Attachment algorithm runs on device against a local cache of location tiles. This enables low network dependency and increases battery efficiency

High- Quality Places Data

Uses Factual’s proprietary Places dataset with 130MM+ global POIs, 475 categories, and 1,800+ retail chains

Built for Scale and Rapid Iteration

Web-based UI to target chains and business categories with just a few clicks. No hardware beacons required


Use pre-built integrations with analytics and mobile engagement platforms such as Braze, Segment, Urban Airship, and more

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