Engine is a mobile SDK for Android and iOS that enables developers to easily incorporate location data and intelligence into mobile apps to better understand users, build personalized interactions and increase user engagement


Highest Quality Location Data

• Built on Factual’s Global Places data set
• 130+ million businesses and points of interest
• 475 business categories and 1,800+ retail chains

Accurately Attach Places

• Built on proprietary Place Attachment technology
• Map current and historical user location
• More accurate than geofencing alone and more scalable than beacons

Mobile First Architecture

• Machine learning on device
• Low network dependency and minimal battery drain
• Option to keep sensitive user data completely on device

Built for Scale and Rapid Iteration

• Web-based UI to target chains and business categories with just a few clicks
• No hardware beacons required
• Out of the box partner integrations


Place Attachment

Correlates a device’s location to a unique place or point of interest and pairs it with real-world data and attributes.

User Journeys

Notes a user’s “state” in the physical world and how it changes throughout the day. Gain unique user insight and create powerful user segments via analytics and mobile engagement platforms.


Create targeting rules or “circumstances” based on user location, combined with day of week, time of day and specific place attributes. Accurately detect visits (at) and proximity (near) to POIs and filter out drive-by false positives.

Context-Based Actions

Send push notifications, prompt users, update status, invoke third-party APIs or any custom action, when a circumstance is triggered. Drive interaction based on context.

Web-Based Interface

Garage, Engine’s web-based user interface, enables easy creation and management of circumstance-based targeting rules without having to update code.

Privacy Protections

Engine’s machine learning algorithm runs against a client-side cache of location data, making it safe for privacy-sensitive applications.

Highly Accurate Location Detection

Using our machine learning model, Engine can correctly identify that you are inside
a particular place, even if your latitude/longitude in relation to the geofence indicates otherwise.


All versions include
Circumstance Targeting
Place Attachment
Garage Web UI
Up to 150K MAU
Engine Enterprise
150K MAU
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