Geopulse Audience

Build highly customizable Audiences based on mobile users’ real world behavior.

Learning from Location

You can learn a lot about mobile users by looking at where they spend time. Geopulse Audience uses Factual’s unique understanding of place to deeply analyze users’ location histories and learn their brand affinity, behavioral, demographic, and geographic characteristics.

From Points to Profiles

See below how Factual builds rich mobile Audiences from raw location data.

Built with the Best Data

Geopulse Audience is built on Factual’s Global Places — the best places data for ad targeting. Geopulse Audience also validates incoming user location data. This provides a highly accurate view of where users go, so you get the best Audiences.
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Intelligent Planning

Factual provides a web-based tool to everyone on your team that enables you easily and quickly create your Audience. Mix and match Audience Segments using AND and OR logic and instantly get estimates for device reach and impressions with the selected Segments.

Highly Customizable

Mix and match Factual’s geographic, demographic, behavioral, and brand affinity Segments to create the perfect Audience for your needs.

Create a vast number of custom Audiences by mixing and matching any Segments:

Brand Affinity

Reach users who have visited particular brands.


Reach users with specific interests, occupations, and favored activities.


Reach users with specific demographic characteristics.


Reach users by where they live and where they spend time.

Tailored Location Segments

Create an Audience based on your own location criteria.

Simple Integration

Geopulse Audience is asynchronous, does not require an on-device SDK, and is implemented on the server. Audiences are seamlessly deployed from self service web tools to your infrastructure, so you can query at runtime with sub-millisecond latency.

Private and Secure

“At a fundamental level, our entire product is data and entirely tied to location. Partnering with Factual gives us a best-in-class data partner to complement and amplify the value we deliver, driving revenue and improving the quality of the core mobile product and the user experience.”
— Ed Kozek, SVP Product and Engineering

Geopulse Audience, Geopulse Proximity

“Mobile adoption by advertisers has long been challenged by a lack of reliable demographic and behavioral information that can be used to identify the right audience... Geopulse Audience is an innovative solution and we’re confident that this will deliver a tremendous amount of value to our publishers and our advertisers.”
— Jim Payne, Founder

Geopulse Audience