Go beyond online browsing patterns and discover more about your customer’s needs and interests through their movement throughout the physical world. Geopulse Insights provides in-depth analysis of your customers’ real world behavior, so you can make informed decisions about your targeting and messaging strategies.


Based on Real World Visits

Geopulse Insights relies on deterministic data, not hypotheticals or sampling. Every single one of the place visits we report is based on actual device signals from our broad pool of global users.

Built With Data You Can Trust

Built off of our comprehensive Global Places data paired with our Observation Graph device data, Geopulse Insights provides actionable insights based on the highest quality data.

White-Glove Service

Our location experts analyze deterministic data and translate the behaviors of your target audience into unique insights and customized media recommendations for more effective media campaigns.


Insights Into Real World Behavior

Improve your marketing strategy with insights about the offline behavior of your best customers. Discover the places, chains, and business categories they frequent. Understand their path-to-purchase, dwell time, and visitation patterns by time of day and day of week.

Analyze Audience Attributes

Explore the demographic characteristics, income distribution, parental status, and behavioral propensities of your customers and prospects. Uncover behavioral differences between your customers and those of your top competitors.

Identify Unique Attributes and Behaviors

Uncover how your target audience compares to the general population, to consumers within your brand footprint, to category shoppers, to your competitors’ customers, and more.


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